A Guy and his Hero is a VR Puzzle / God Game experience created by a team of students in master degree at CNAM-ENJMIN, Angoulême, France.


Everyone has once dreamed to follow a hero in his quest, to overview him, to be both storyteller and divine figure over a little world. This dreamt world is what A Guy and his Hero is about. Feel free to help this hero through his journey in a beautiful Mediterranean environment. He will need your presence to succeed.


  • Have fun manipulating a small world
  • Intuitive to use for everyone
  • Take care of an endearing hero


A Guy and his Hero - Official Trailer YouTube

A Guy and his Hero - Gameplay Trailer YouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieCade Europe 2017 - Audience Choice Award" Paris (France), 31 October, 2017
  • "Indie Game Contest 2017 - Student Award Finalist" Strasbourg (France), 24 September, 2017
  • "Hits Playtime 2017 - Great Prize" Paris (France), 24 June, 2017